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Your Price Is Too High!

“ My prospective customer says we were not selected because our price was too high?  What do I do?”  This is a question many companies grapple with. It’s not unusual for potential clients to give price as their reason for not buying from you. So what should you do about it? Ian Altman, a Forbes

Was Email a Mistake? A Case for the Daily Huddle!

This recent New Yorker article by past Gazelles Summit keynoter Cal Newport maps out the history of asynchronous communication beginning with the “tubes” at CIA headquarters. An interaction is synchronous when all team members participate at the same time; asynchronous communication doesn’t

Looking for a Quick Fix for Dysfunctional Teams?

Dysfunctional teams are a way to leave money on the table – and more than you might imagine. Such teams find it difficult to agree and reliably follow through. Too many members are more focused on their issues (the I’s) and not a team player. With too many I’s on a leadership team, there is no room

The ONE Ritual Every Excellent Manager Shares

What happens when “well-known truths” about business and leadership become misdirected over time and start creating challenges in helping your employees thrive? One of my mantras is to always seek different perspectives and points of view. And in that vein - I highly recommend the book Nine Lies

8 Reasons NOT to Develop an Advisory Board

The survival and success of privately held and family owned businesses depends on many factors. One of the most significant factors is a board of advisors. Yet an American Family Business Survey reports that almost half the boards of these types of businesses meet only once or twice a year, over 60%

Is Your Company Agile Enough to Sprint like a Gazelle?

A Gazelle?  What’s that got to do with your business or social organization?  The answer is FAST like a Gazelle (one of the fastest animals on the planet!).  Fast growth.  Compounding growth.  A gazelle organization grows at least 20% year on year.  And what is the key to such growth? The answer

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