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Is Your Company Agile Enough to Sprint like a Gazelle?

A Gazelle?  What’s that got to do with your business or social organization?  The answer is FAST like a Gazelle (one of the fastest animals on the planet!).  Fast growth.  Compounding growth.  A gazelle organization grows at least 20% year on year.  And what is the key to such growth? The answer

7 Simple Decisions that Drive Your Strategy

In today’s environment, good execution and good operations aren’t enough. You may manage the day-to-day profitably and solve problems as they happen. But many companies often stagnate. Competition becomes stronger and clarity on differentiation becomes fuzzy. Simply put many companies lack a clear

12 Universal Barriers to Sustainable Growth

What keeps many businesses from growing? For larger companies, it is often maturing markets and inflexible organizations that dampen growth. However, closely held and entrepreneurial companies are built for growth. They operate in a world of innovation, rapidly changing technology, and

Recession Fears Subsided? Double Digit Growth Possible?

Ernst & Young’s Capital Confidence Barometer was released last week and 93% of the surveyed C-suite executives believe economic conditions are improving, up from 85% six months ago, and 73% a year ago. And 58% of middle-market firms expect to see double digit growth in 2019, twice the

Amazon’s Four Core Values for Success

Success! We all define it differently. We all seek it. And, we all look for perspectives on how to achieve it. Irrespective of how you feel about Jeff Bezos and Amazon, how does a company of its size continue to function and to grow at such a mind-blowing pace? In this interview at the George

Five Crucial Leadership Metrics

How do we know if we are successful as leaders? What leadership performance metrics can we measure to gauge or compare our success as leaders? These questions have bubbled up in many of my client sessions. Verne Harnish (founder of Gazelles Inc.) published a FORTUNE article a while back on this

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