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​Implement your pragmatic 2-page business planning canvas.  Drive all your actions to reduce CEO/Team management time by 75%. Realign execution and results.  Set a path to double your industry average profitability and to increase your company valuation relative to competitors.  Start "design thinking" for your company now!

​Are Business Plans Dead?  Do You Really Need One?

Clarity is your Prime Directive.

What supersedes discussion on relevance of business plans is the need for quality strategic thinking.  Whether it is during a retreat, management meeting, Board meeting or in the hallway – strategic thinking develops clarity for your company:

  • ​​​​​How your customer is changing.
  • Where your profit zone is moving.
  • Your be​st-fit profit model.
  • How to be successful.

Clarity leads to action planning – whether you call it a business plan, roadmap, blueprint, or whatever.

​​Strategic thinking, action planning, and “who-what-when” are clearly determined, communicated, and executed in any successful company.

The Execution Canvas is a pragmatic 2-page business blueprint that you can complete and deploy rapidly to scale your business more profitably.  Its implementation is simple.  It will help you the Owner/CEO, your leadership team, and your company overall be aligned, relevant, and timely.

  • Reduce risk.
  • Generate solutions and approaches.
  • Capture the mindsets of your customers.
  • Paint a picture of your opportunities.
  • Anchor your strategy and execution.
  • ​Generate practical results.

​Designed with 3 Overarching Ideas:


Define what is important and what is a distraction.  Clarity drives everything in your business.


Do more with less.  There isn't a lot of space to write, so you must be concise and focused.


As Jim Collins of Good to Great states, success is 1% vision and 99% company alignment.

​Designed for Growing Companies:

1-10 Employees

Your focus is product development, validating your business model, setting strategy, test marketing.

11-50 Employees

Your focus is supercharging sales, hiring the right people, delegating, predicting, and cash flow.

​51-200 Employees

Your focus is ​defining your industry fit, scaling up profitably, company alignment, and flawless execution.

​That sounds good, but will this really work for you?  Here's how you can apply this business planning canvas to your business in just 3 steps:


​​"How To" Handbook

Complete instructions on understanding both versions of the Canvas, the mindset needed to use this tool, how to complete the Canvas for your company with detailed examples, and how to move forward to do something great! Click the image to Preview!


​​Strategic Clarity and Defining Objectives

Get Clarity!  Determine Why and How you will succeed with your unique Strategic GPS, set your 3 year scorecard/ focus, then establish your Defining Objectives for the current year.


​​​Operating Objectives

Focus on what you want to accomplish by Quarter.  Objectives must be qualitative and shared by your leadership team.  You will establish an understandable call to action with assigned responsibility and due dates.


​Client stories

Dave Moser - Owner
Dave Moser Photography

The path to my goals & growth are clear.

​The Canvas has ​facilitated concrete goals, the navigation to hit these goals, and metrics to monitor my success. Stronger understanding of my numbers has taken much of the anxiety out of my day-to-day experience. The path to my goals and growth are now clear, obtainable and based on reality.

Everett Katzen - President
Springboard Media

Our management team is more cohesive.

We achieved exactly what we wanted – a comprehensive strategic plan for Springboard Media. Our management team is now more cohesive and we are truly focused on the right things and getting them done. 

Barak Zimmerman - President
County House Research

We achieved a 20% growth rate.

David has helped us to establish a more strategic approach to our business, to plan better, and to reach our business goals. Last year, we achieved a 20% growth rate, improved management techniques and business processes that we didn’t imagine possible.

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​​​About David Paul Carter, The Clarity Guy

David Paul Carter - Carter Reports

David Paul Carter, The Clarity Guy

My clients are owners, partners, CEO’s and leadership teams of privately held businesses. I bring you extensive management and operations experience in business services, publishing, manufacturing/distribution, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

I have lived and worked in the US, New Zealand and Europe, serving on leadership teams in the capacity of publisher, vice president of business planning and corporate communications, vice president strategic alliances, market development director, personnel director and assistant hospital administrator.

I have pioneered e-commerce business, developed strategic publishing relationships worldwide, and managed product acquisitions and cross-cultural team building. I founded and developed two businesses prior to Growth Cubed, and have authored The Carter Reports Newsletter/Growth Blog for 14+years.

I understand the daily challenges and opportunities you face as leaders.

​​Some FAQ's

Why are there two versions of the Canvas?

We have developed two versions of The Execution Canvas. The difference is in page two that details quarterly objectives. The Original version has a two-quarter layout on page two, with Scorecard and Pivot Numbers at the top. The Plus version has a four-quarter layout on page two with Scorecard and Pivot numbers structured in each quarter column.

All concepts and instructions for page one and for page two are the same! The different layout is (and was) based on preference by my clients. Choose whichever version works better for you and your team.

What is the format of The Execution Canvas?

Both versions of the canvas are "fillable" PDF forms.  You download the Canvas and Handbook from the Growth Cubed website.  All you need to work with the Canvas is the standard free Adobe PDF reader.


When you purchase The Execution Canvas™ you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. ​

We're confident that The Execution Canvas™ will help you and your company drive all your actions to reduce management time by 75%, realign execution and results, and set a path to double your industry average profitability and increase your company valuation relative to competitors

If you don't feel like you've received value, and you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then we'll refund you promptly.

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